Wills and Estate Planning Practice

What is a Will and why do you need one? A Will is simply a document which tells your loved ones how your property should be distributed upon your death. If you die without a Will, the government assumes control and dictates how your property should be distributed. With a Will, you maintain the power to determine who will be the guardian for your children, and exactly how your estate will be disbursed among your loved ones. If your Will is more than 10 years old, the supporting Affidavits of Execution, will not have been produced, nor will there be Powers of Attorney. Without these documents your Wills will be substantially more expensive to Probate upon death and without Powers of Attorney upon illness your financial affairs will be compromised as well as your health care. Please feel free to give this office a call to ensure your loved ones are provided for, and your Estate is fully protected.

My offices have a long term relationship with a highly experienced financial and estate planner. He works with me to create a personal financial plan, using spread sheet tools to forecast, at any stage of your life, how much money and resources it will take in your particular circumstances to carry you through to the end, including the consideration of all those anomalies which do crop up.

Wills and Estate Planning